Beer Pong Sanitizing Wipes


Beer pong has come a long way since the days of setting up cups on a table tennis table in the basement of the fraternity house. With inflatable tables and cooling racking systems, the game of beer pong has evolved. One thing that has remained the same for years has been the potential exposure to communicable diseases while playing beer pong. Not anymore thanks to specially designed Beer Pong Wet Wipes.

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Beer Pong Wet Wipes

These sanitizing wipes are specially designed to cleanse and sanitize beer pong balls without altering the taste of the beer after a washed ball is thrown in. These wipes are designed to not only be safe and effective at killing bacteria and viruses but also is safe for human consumption. Some might argue that using a sanitizing wipe made by Clorox or Lysol would be just as effective but those wipes are not designed to clean anything you would later put in your mouth.

To use Beer Pong Wet Wipes, thoroughly wipe the rims of the cups before the start of each game. This will cut down on any saliva transferred diseases commonly associated with beer pong. Also, instead of using the “wash cup” as a way of cleaning the ball after it has rolled on the ground, use these wipes. Just rinsing the ball in water will not wash off the dirt, bacteria and viruses. Using the wash cup only gives those playing beer pong the false sense of security that the ball was cleaned. The only surefire way of know the ball is clean and rid of bacteria is to use these Beer Pong Wet Wipes.

Beer Pong Wet Wipes are also great for cleaning grill utensils while out tailgating. Because running water and dish soap is not readily available while out tailgating, many grillers and tailgaters will cross contaminate their food by not properly sanitizing grill tools between cooks. Using the same tongs to place raw chicken on the grill and then using the same tongs to put your steaks on is just inviting food borne illnesses to join your tailgate party. These sanitizing wipes will clean your grill tools and will not alter the taste of your food.

A canister of Beer Pong Wet Wipes contains 40 wipes and costs $6.95 plus $5 postage. Buy five (5) canisters and we will ship them for the same price had you purchased one canister.

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