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ATTENTION: The Hitch-N-View is currently undergoing a manufacturer change and is currently unavailable.

We do offer the Tailgate TV Stand as an alternative that mounts TVs to your vehicle and also rotates 360 degrees. Click HERE to check out the Tailgate TV Stand as an alternative.

Once the Hitch-N-View is back into production, we will be able to take orders at that time. We appreciate your patience during this process.

Flat screen TVs are becoming more and more common in the tailgating parking lots. Despite the fact that more and more TVs are out in the parking lot the problem persists of where to place them. Putting them on a table means it could get bumped as people are moving around, be in the sunlight and produce glare or just flat out be in the way. What if there was a way to get your flat screen TV up and out of the way, underneath some shade and be in perfect viewing level for all at the tailgate party? Introducing the Hitch-N-View.

Hitch-N-View Featured

The Hitch-N-View is a portable TV mount that attaches to your tow hitch receiver on the back of your truck or SUV. This revolutionary tailgating device enables you to finally take your flat screen TV anywhere your vehicle goes. It is ideal for tailgating, camping, hunting or anything that you would need your TV for away from home.

The Hitch-N-View mounts your TV safely on the back of your vehicle. It also protects your TV and is mounted where it cannot slide off or be knocked off by kids throwing a football in the tailgating parking lot. It travels easily and is stored even easier. It weighs 14 lbs and is very easy to assemble. All you need is an allen wrench and a pair of pliers and you can put it together in about five to 10 minutes. (Click HERE for Hitch-N-View installation instructions.) Once it is assembled, you simply transport it to the tailgate party, insert it into your hitch, place the TV on it, run your cables and you are watching TV off the back of your tailgating vehicle in no time. (Click images below for larger, more detailed view)

You will also notice that the Hitch-N-View comes with a folding shelf that holds your satellite receiver, gaming console, DVR or DVD player. The shelf folds up and is held against the upright post for ease of storage and transportation when not in use. Take a look at this quick video we shot while testing out the hitch-N-View.

(Please do not drive with the Hitch-N-View on the rear of your vehicle. The Hitch-N-View is designed for safe operation once your vehicle is parked.)

It is recommended that you do not place a TV more than 200 pounds on the Hitch-N-View and to always use a hitch pin when in use. The Hitch-N-View will accommodate flat screen TVs up to 40″ or less. This is not because the Hitch-N-View could not hold that size and weight of TV but more because of the screw pattern on the back of the TVs larger than 40″. If you have a TV that is larger than 40″, check the screw hole pattern on your particular TV. If the holes are less than 16″ across and 10″ vertical, you can still use the Hitch-N-View. It is recommended you do not place anything over 20 pounds on the receiver tray and of course, don’t stand or sit on it. It is not designed for that.

For those of you who already utilize your tow hitch receiver for another tailgating accessory, we would suggest getting a Dual Hitch Receiver so that you can use the Hitch-N-View without sacrificing using other tow hitch accessories like the Tailgate Partymate or even a Custom Tailgating Grill.

The Hitch-N-View sells for $94.95 plus $20 shipping.

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After you have ordered your Hitch-N-View or you have more questions on how exactly the Hitch-N-View is set-up and operates, visit our Hitch-N-View installation instructions page for close-up photos of how to set up and operate your TV using the Hitch-N-View.


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