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admin | March 26th, 2014 - 11:24 PM
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I see people shotgunning beers all the time when I am out tailgating. In most instances it is a time consuming ordeal to find some sort of a sharp object that can poke a hole in the bottom side of the beer can. Most tailgaters use their car keys or a knife. Both normally just puncture the can and leave a lot of sharp edges. In addition to that, the hole is never really big enough when you use your keys or a knife. That’s why I discovered the Shotgun Party Beer Can Opener. See the video demonstration below:

(Please Note: The shotgun opener key chain demonstrated in this video is the older version, is black and included a raised can tab lifter. Keep in mind that the newer versions of this shotgunning tool are white and the point of the tool that punctures the side of the can for shotgunning can also be used as a can tab lifter.)

The Shotgun Party Beer Can Opener was easy to use and the best part is it eliminated the time you spend carefully poking a hole in the can. Shotgunning beers is all about how fast you can drink it. It kind of defeats the purpose if you are spending 10 minutes poking a hole in a can you will be drinking in under 10 seconds.

Shotgun Opener KeychainAnother big plus is that the puncture hole made by the Shotgun Party Beer Can Opener was just the right size. The single pierced piece was sent inside the can which means no shards or shrapnel-like pieces sticking out to cut up your lips and mouth.

The Shotgun Party Beer Can Opener is available directly from for $3.99 for a single piece. If you want a three-pack to pass out to all your beer shotgunning friends, you can get three of those for $9.99. Have more friends? Buy five or more at a time and you get each one at a dollar off the regular price for a total of $2.99 a piece.

All purchases of Shotgun Party Openers are subject to a $3.00 shipping charge but the good news is that if you buy multiple openers, the shipping charges remain the same $3.00.

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