The Z-Bench


Z-BenchNOTICE: The Z-Bench is currently undergoing a redesign and restructuring of the company. These benches are currently not available. We hope to have them available in the near future. We apologize for the inconvenience.

As a tailgater, you have probably seen tons of products designed to give you more space and functionality by utilizing the 2″ tow hitch on your truck or SUV. When it comes to tailgating accessories designed to make your tailgating experience better, most pick-up truck tailgates are left alone. That was the case for the longest time until I discovered the Z-Bench.

The Z-Bench is a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum bench that attaches to a pick-up truck tailgate. It unfolds off of your tailgate and provides seating for three adults. The Z-Bench can handle over 1,000 pounds and does not put any stress on the tailgate or suspension of your truck. All the weight you place on the Z-Bench is distributed on the sturdy legs that easily unfold when deployed. It is not only a bench but has other functions including a tailgate step, a picnic table and can also work as a cargo holder. The best part is when not in use, the Z-Bench folds up and takes up less than 3 1/2″ of space. Take a look at this video to see how you would use the Z-Bench while tailgating.


If you skipped the video and like to read, here are the four main features of the Z-Bench:

  • A Bench – Instead of using your unfolded tailgate for a seat, the Z-Bench allows you to sit comfortably with your feet on the ground and not dangling in the air. It accommodates three adults and can handle over 1,000 pounds. So go ahead and invite the left side of the offensive line to have a seat and enjoy some ribs.
  • A Step – The eleven inch deep bench makes entering your truck bed a whole lot easier and safer. Just grab the corner of the truck bed, step onto the bench and walk on up. The ribbed surface of the Z-Bench provides a safe, skid resistant surface for confident entering and exiting of your truck bed. You don’t have to jump or crawl out of your truck bed anymore. Just hold on to your bed rail and step up or down. When used as a step, the Z-Bench Makes loading and unloading of your tailgating gear much easier and faster too.
  • A Table – By sitting on the Z-Bench and facing your truck, your tailgate becomes a table. Table space is always at a premium while tailgating and by using your Z-Bench in this fashion you have now handled table space and seating for three people.
  • A Cargo Holder – Open the Z-Bench when the tailgate is closed and you have an excellent cargo holder. Perfect for holding propane tanks, coolers, generators, grills, etc. up against the tailgate. No more worrying if your tailgating supplies will roll around the bed of your truck on the way to game.

Take a look at a few photos of all the different ways you can use the Z-Bench whether you are tailgating or doing some other activity. (Click images for a larger, more detailed view.)


I personally tested out the Z-Bench and installed one on my friend’s Ford F-150 pick-up. I found it to be sturdy and convenient and when my friend drove home after the installation, he reported that there was no annoying rattling. He even drove home on a notoriously bumpy freeway with his radio off and listened for any hint of a rattle. He heard nothing and told me that he would have never known it was there based on the way his truck drove after the installation. I was also told that you can easily remove the Z-Bench from your tailgate by taking out the hinge link from the mounting plates. The Z-Bench comes off quickly and easily and when removed, the mounting brackets are out of the way and hardly even noticeable. There is also an option that you can use a small padlock instead of the hinge links for extra protection against theft.

The icing on the cake with the Z-Bench is that it installs in about 10 minutes. If you can use a measuring tape, drill a hold and turn a screw, you can install a Z-Bench. As we were installing the Z-Bench on the Ford F-150, we put together an instructional video that takes you step-by-step on installing one.


We’re confident that you’ll find the Z-Bench to be an invaluable tailgate accessory for your pick-up truck tailgate. That’s why we have chosen to offer them for sale on The Z-Bench normally retails for $399 with $50 flat rate shipping to the continental United States. As an exclusive offer to shoppers, the Z-Bench is being offered on sale for $349 with shipping included. (That saves you $100 for those that are math impaired.) Make sure to get your Z-Bench before this sale ends.

If you purchase a Z-Bench via, please send an email to David answering a few questions. These questions will help us send you the exact parts and pieces so that your new Z-Bench will fit your pick-up truck perfectly. Please include answers to the following questions:

  • Year, Make and Model of your truck?
  • Does your truck have a bed liner? If so, what kind of a bed liner; plastic drop-in or spray on?
  • Does your truck have a carpet kit?
  • Does your truck have a lift kit? If so, how many inches?
  • Does your truck have a Roll-Along kit?