German Beer Boot – 2 Liter


This is das boot! Glass beer boots come from the practice of quite literally using one’s own boot to drink beer, originally done by German soldiers nearly 100 years ago. Well a lot has changed since then and now you can capture the fun and excitement of drinking from this German beer boot without the foot odor!

Das Boot Beer

These wildly popular full sized glass beer boots are the same type featured in the final scene of the movie BeerFest where they were called “Das boot” and hold an impressive 2 liters of beer (67oz).


An incredibly fun item for tailgate parties and Oktoberfest celebrations, watch as guests attempt to finish the boot unsuccessfully until someone discovers the proper German way to drink “Das boot!” (Hint: try turning the toe to the side) The hand-blown German beer boot – 2 liter is hand-crafted in Austria and made of mouth blown glass. Measures 14″ tall and made of hand-blown glass. Sold individually. Please note: Although this item is made of thick glass, since it is so large, please take care when using it and hand washing is suggested.


Das boot Comparison

Please remember to drink responsibly. We recommend sharing with friends when drinking from this item, as das boot is huge!