When tailgating, you want all the comforts of home. If you could transplant your entire kitchen into the tailgating parking lot you would be one happy tailgater. Trying to bring your oven, stove and a grill tailgating to the parking lot was nearly impossible. Introducing the GoGalley, a completely portable outdoor kitchen cooking system. Take a look at this video to understand how the GoGalley works and all the features.

As you saw in the video and the above photo, the GoGalley has everything a tailgater could want. The main focal point is the huge propane fired 700 square inch gas grill in the middle. Flanked on the left side is a three position burner that can act as a turkey fryer, steamer or a burner for skillet frying. The left side also has a prep table area with a section that allows for a full sized trash bag to hang and remain open.

On the right side of the GoGalley is the smoker/oven that is large enough to smoke multiple racks of ribs or you could even bake cookies, biscuits, pizza or casseroles. The fold up table space on the right side also provides another work/prep space or could be used as a table. Underneath the massive grill, you will store your 20 lb. propane tank.

Yucked underneath the grill is the cable winch that pulls the GoGalley up and onto the rear of your vehicle via the 2″ tow hitch. Just hook it up, slide in the hitch pin and press a button. The motorized winch will pull the GoGalley up and onto the back of your car. And because the GoGalley is on wheels, you just maneuver it to the back of your car and you are effortlessly hooking up your outdoor kitchen to go anywhere. Despite being as big as it is, hooking it up and deploying the GoGalley only takes one person.

GoGalley Mobility

Specs of the GoGalley:

• Heavy-duty Steel Tubing Frame
• Porcelain and Aluminum Cover
• Cast Iron Grating
• Industrial-strength Castor Wheels for easy movement
• Rechargeable Battery / Powerful Winch
• Full size: 27″ deep x 136″ wide (with tables extended) x 36″ tall
• Storage Size: 48″ wide x 40″ deep
• Weight: 350 lbs

So you gotta have one , right? Good news is that you have come to the right place. The GoGalley is $2,995 plus $350 shipping. For less than $3,500 you have yourself the ultimate tailgating machine that can grill, smoke, bake, fry, boil and saute all in the great outdoors.

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