NFL FanMugs


NFL FanMug Featured Image

We tailgaters love to show our support and spirit for our favorite teams outside the stadium in the parking lot just as much as we show it inside the stadium. Seeing how a fair share of beverage consumption occurs outside the stadium in the parking lots, you want to set yourself apart from your run of the mill tailgaters. Now you don’t have to be painted into a corner with showing your love of your team with just a regular old can koozie. Try on an NFL FanMug for size.

As you can see by the photo above, NFL FanMugs are an authentic, miniature replica of your favorite NFL team’s helmet. The facemask is the handle and the 13.5 oz removable cup is dishwasher safe and BPA-free. You can place your can or bottle in the removable cup to use it as a koozie, or you can pour your cold or hot drink directly into the cup for use as an insulated mug. You can even use it as a desk caddy to hold your office items while showing your team spirit.

Fives uses of the FanMug