Camo Caps


Smuggle your booze past security in plain sight and save tons of money!

  • Reseal your water bottles in order to smuggle alcohol into festivals, bars, cruises, sporting events, concerts, ANYWHERE!
  • Most venues allow you to bring in water bottles as long as they are sealed and the cap is unbroken. Camo Caps allow you to fill your water bottles with clear liquor (vodka, gin, white tequila, etc.) and reseal the top.
  • Security won’t know the difference.
  • Comes in a package that includes six (6) Camo Caps.

View the video below to see how to use Camo Caps and re-seal your water bottles filled with liquor.

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When you want to save money but you also want to smuggle in your own liquor, Camo Caps are the best bang for your buck. Recapping your 20 oz. water bottles with Camo Caps mean with six (6) caps in a package, you and your friends can essentially smuggle in 120 oz. of liquor and only pay $5.00 to do it.

That’s like smuggling in two (2) 1.75 liter “half a gallon” or “handle” bottles or almost six (6) 750 ml “fifth” bottles. That’s a huge saving.

If you are going to use Camo Caps to smuggle your own liquor past security, we would suggest using Aquafina* bottles or any other bottled water brand that uses a white cap. Camo Caps come in one color: white. If you use a bottle of water that uses a green cap, like Dasani* bottled water, you may get a security guard that recognized the color of the cap does not match the color of caps the factory uses. The key here is to blend in as much as possible so your water bottle filled with liquor can slip past security unnoticed.

Camo Caps are a one-time-use product and are identical to the factory cap on an Aquafina bottle.

Camo Caps are the best way to sneak alcohol into venues such as amusement parks, concerts sporting events, cruises, or anywhere else that doesn’t allow you to bring liquor or other beverages in other than factory-sealed water bottles.

If purchasing Camo Caps, consider purchasing a Pocket Funnel to go along with it for ease of filling your water bottles.

*Aquafina is a registered trademark of PepsiCo. Dasani is a registered trademark of Coca-Cola.

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