EZ Fan Feet


  • Weigh down your canopy tent with these football shaped weights
  • Each football can hold up to 10-12 lbs. or sand or pebbles
  • Adds an additional 40-50 lbs. to combat windy conditions
  • Raises your canopy tent by an additional six (6) inches
  • Comes as a set of four, one for each tent leg.
  • No hardware needed to assemble
  • Attaches to tent legs in under two minutes
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There is nothing like a strong gust of wind to ruin a perfectly good tailgate party. Tailgaters will go to great lengths to secure the legs and feet of their pop-up tents to prevent them from blowing over or knocking into cars or tables. Now, there is a simple and easy way to secure your portable tailgating canopy from moving around in the wind while adding an extra six inches of clearance underneath. Introducing EZ Fan Feet.

EZ Fan Feet are four football-shaped canopy anchors that are intended to be attached to your canopy for tailgating. These hollow footballs can be filled with sand or landscaping pebbles to add between 10 to 12 pounds of weight to the bottoms of your tailgating tent legs. When attached to all four legs, EZ Fan Feet provide and additional 40 to 48 lbs. of weight to prevent winds from blowing your tent off its mark.

An added bonus is that EZ Fan Feet when attached to tent legs, raise the canopy an additional six inches. Taller people will appreciate the additional clearance because now they won’t have to duck their heads or be concerned their hat may get knocked off when seeking some shelter under the tent.

Extension bolt comboTent Foot Close up

We personally tested EZ Fan Feet (you can read our review HERE) and have made them a regular addition to our tailgating kit. That speaks volumes to our faith in this product in that we have now replaced hanging hand weights among other items in favor of using EZ Fan Feet exclusively.

Some canopies have thicker, plastic feet. If your canopy has these types of feet, you will need to add to your purchase the extension fastener. These fasteners will allow those with canopies with the thicker plastic feet to attach the EZ Fan Feet easily.

WARNING: EZ FAN FEET are not intended to be thrown or tossed. Injury may occur from the metal screw mount in the unit. Handle with care. EZ FAN FEET are not watertight. Do not fill with water. Use sand to fill the unit for best results.

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions12 × 8 × 8 in
EZ Fan Feet

EZ Fan Feet, EZ FAn Feet + extension fasteners