Floating Beer Pong Table


  • 6ft Floating Beer Pong Table
  • Includes 3 Pong Balls
  • Full 10 Cup Beer Pong on Each Side
  • Bright Neon Green Design
  • Inflates quickly by pump (not included) or mouth

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You want to play beer pong in the pool but you also want to save some money for beer. The problem with some of those other floating beer pong tables is they can be so expensive. Sure, the other ones might have all the bells and whistles like a wash cup or even a central ice chest but whatever happened to just a simple and affordable floating beer pong table?

The answer is right here. This is the GoPong inflatable beer pong table.

The GoPong Floating Beer Pong Table is an inflatable raft with a total of 20 cup holders. 10 cup holders on each end in the form of a triangle makes this Floating Beer Pong Table the most economical way to play beer pong in the water. Priced at just $30 you can now play beer pong in the pool without your wallet bank account getting soaked.

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions12 × 6 × 4 in