Ice Shot Glass Molds


  • Shot glasses made of ICE!
  • Make shot glasses with juice, kool-aid, colored water… Any liquid that freezes
  • No more broken glass
  • Keeps your shot ice cold
  • Molds made from silicone for ease of removal
  • Melt chocolate, pour into the mold and have a chocolate shot glass
  • Four colors to choose from (Color of mold will not affect the color of your shot ice glasses)
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Icy Shots Four
Face it. Shots are much better when they are ice cold. Instead of trying to keep your shot glasses chilled or your entire bottle on ice, why not take your shot out of a shot glass made of ice? Get a load of the Icy Shots ice shot glass.

Each Icy Shots tray is a silicone ice tray that molds water into a perfectly shaped ice shot glass. Each tray makes four shot glasses made of ice. Each ice shot glass holds about 1 and 1/2 oz. of liquid. The best part is that after you do your shot, you can smash the ice shot glass on the ground without remorse. The ice shot glass will shatter but no cuts or popped tires in the parking lot due to shards of glass. The broken ice shot glass just melts into water depending on how hot a day it is.

Icy Shots molds are available in Green, Red and Pink. (Blue pictured above although no longer available for sale) Each Icy Shots mold makes four ice shot glasses and costs $7.95 plus $4.95 Priority Mail shipping. Get four and we’ll pick up half the shipping. Buy six molds and we’ll ship them all for free.

Weight.15 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 2 in

Green, Pink, Red