Magnetic Koozie with LED Flashlight


  • Keeps cans/bottles cold as ice
  • Heavy duty magnets keep your drinks up and out of the way
  • Bright LED light on the bottom acts as a flashlight
  • Comes in four (4) different colors
  • Mix and match colors to fit your personality
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Keeping your can or bottle cold while tailgating, camping, at the beach or even while at home is important. Nobody likes warm beer or soda. You also want to keep your can or bottle up and out of the way so that it won’t get knocked over while on a table. And, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a flashlight option to be able to light the way to the port-a-potty, light up your grill or even see in the cooler after it got dark? The Cooler2See can and bottle koozie does all of those things. It is a koozie that keeps your beverages cold, can stick to any magnetic surface and has LED lights on the bottom that are as bright, if not brighter, than a flashlight.

As you can in the above video demonstration, the Cooler2See keeps bottles and cans cold, can stick to the side of your car or other metal surfaces like your fridge, tool box in the garage or even your pop-up tent legs while out tailgating.

Another great aspect is that the magnets are strong and not only hold the entire koozie up and off the ground with a can or bottle in it, you will never lose you bottle opener. Simply take your metal bottle opener and place it on the magnet and you will never go searching for the bottle opener again. It will be securely affixed to the side of your Cooler2See koozie ready for action whenever you are.

Cooler2See with bottle opener on magnets
Cooler2See with bottle opener on magnets

The LED lights on the bottom are bright and can be used as a flashlight when the tailgate goes into the night. We will use the Cooler2See after dark to check on our grill or to be able to see inside our cooler whenever it is time for another cold one. Not to mention all of the functions for those who also like to go camping. Heading back to your tent or campsite couldn’t be easier. No need to carry a flashlight because your drink holder has one already built into the bottom.

Weight.25 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 6 in

Camouflage, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Red


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