Party Barge



  • 10 Cup Racks on each side for beer pong
  • Central cooler keeps up to 18 beverages ice cold
  • 8 cup holders line the sides for social floating
  • Can be used as a floating raft with cup holders for relaxing in the sun

Package Includes:

  • Pool Pong Party Barge Raft
  • Built-in central cooler
  • 6 Pong Balls
  • Pong Rules / Instructions
  • 2 raft patch kits

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Call it what you want. A floating beer pong table. Pool Pong. A floating bar. Social Floater. No mater what you want to call it, we call it the Pool Pong Party Barge.

As you can see in the above photo, the Pool Pong Party Barge is more than just a floating beer pong table. It has two triangular patterned cup holders for playing beer pong on land or in the water. In addition to playing beer pong, the Party Barge also has a total of eight cup holders around the perimeter of the raft to hold a wash cup during beer pong or other drinks for those observing the game. Even if beer pong is not your game and chilling out and drinking is more your speed, the Party Barge is highly useful as a social floater.

Another aspect of the Pool Pong Party Barge that sets is apart from the other inflatable beer pong tables on the market is the center cooler. In the middle of the Party Barge is a sunken cooler space that can hold a 18-pack of canned beverages and ice. Now you don’t have to get out of the pool to get more beers to start a new game of beer pong. Or if you are just social floating, the cooler is right there in the middle and you can always be within arms reach of a fresh cold one. (We would suggest only using the center cooler when the Party Barge is floating in water or is resting on a solid surface so as to not tear the bottom of it.)

What the photos do not show is that the Pool Pong Party Barge also comes with a large inflation valve for easy inflating and deflating. Each corner also comes with raft tether anchors so you can tie string or ropes to the Party Barge to prevent it from floating away. Tie fishing weights to the ropes to stabilize the Party Barge in water or even tie the Party Barge to the side of a dock or a boat if using it out at the river or lake. You could even tie the Party Barge in between two inner tubes for those summer float trips down the river. For those that want to take it tailgating, tie ropes through the tether anchors and suspend the Party Barge from your pop up tent frame to make it a levitating beer pong table.

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 6 × 4 in