Premium Disc Slam


  • New and Improved Disc Slam 2.0 with High Visibility PVC Targets
  • Includes: 2 Hard PVC Targets, 1 Full Size 155 gram Flying Disc and Carry Case
  • Fun & Exciting 4 Player Game
  • Game Rolls Up with Included Strapping System that also Provides a Carrying Handle

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Some people call it “Garbage Can Frisbee”. GoSports calls their version Disc Slam. No matter what you call it, this is a great game to take tailgating, to the beach, the park or the backyard BBQ. Take a look at it in action:

The object of the game is to score points by throwing and deflecting the flying disc and hitting or entering the goal. The game ends when a team scores exactly 21 points or “chogs” the disc for an instant win. Players must get exactly 21. If a throw takes a team’s score over 21 points, the points for that throw are subtracted from their score instead of being added. In the event of a tie (both teams have 21 points at the end of a round), additional rounds are played until one team has more points than the other at the end of a round.

A coin toss or similar procedure is used to determine which team goes first. The game is broken up into turns, with an equal number of turns for each team. However, this does not apply in the case of an instant win. The goals are spaced approximately 50 feet apart. A team consists of two people each standing at opposing ends of the playing field. One player throws the disk, while the other acts as the “deflector,” who is free to move anywhere, unlike the thrower, but the deflector may not catch, carry, or double hit the disc. The original deflector then throws the disc back to the original thrower from his end in order to score, and then the next team takes their turn.

No points are awarded if the thrower goes over the line, or if the disc hits the ground before reaching the goal.

Points are awarded for a Dinger, when the flying disc is deflected by your partner into the side of the kan (1 point), a Deuce (a.k.a. “direct hit” or “direct”), when the flying disc hits the side of the target without help from the deflector (2 points), or a Bucket, when the flying disc is deflected through the top or into the front slot (3 points). In addition, when a player throws the disc into the middle of the target through the front slot or the top without help from the deflector, he scores an instant win.

Disc Slam is similar to the game KanJam*. Disc Slam is made form the same high-quality materials as KanJam but is more affordably priced.

(KanJam is a registered trademark of KanJam, LLC)

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