Shotgun Champ


Shotgun a beer quicker and cleaner compared to the way you have been doing.

Drains a 12 oz. can in two (2) seconds.

Fastest rapid beer delivery device for 12 oz cans on the market.

See videos below for demonstration on how to use the Shotgun Champ.

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The Shotgun Champ is a plastic cup that has a hexagonal slotted pyramid at the base that punctures a hole in the base of your beer can. There is a mouth piece at the side of the cup where you will receive your beer rapidly. And when we say rapidly, we mean really fast. The Shotgun Champ is designed to empty a 12 oz. can in less than two seconds. Repeat: 2 Seconds!

In order to use the Shotgun Champ you will need 1) a beer can 2) a hard flat surface 3) a willingness to pound beer really fast.

Here is how you use the Shotgun Champ.

  1. Place the can upside down on any flat surface. Tables are the preferred surface but a unfolded tailgate will work or even the ground.
  2. Put the Shotgun Champ on the base of the can and tap it to slightly puncture a small hole in the can.
  3. Push the Shotgun Champ down onto the can until it locks
  4. Lift the can up and place the mouthpiece in your mouth while the can is still mostly upside down.
  5. Bring the can up and pop open the top of the can.
  6. Drink the contents until gone.

If you need a video tutorial, here are some examples of the Shotgun Champ in action.

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