Tampon Flasks


  • Five (5) booze tubes with caps
  • Five (5) tampon wrappers with adhesive seal
  • Reusable
  • Each booze tube holds roughly one (1) liquid oz.
  • No security guard will touch these

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Ladies, finally a way to smuggle your booze inside sporting events and concerts designed just for you. All the other means of stealth drinking and smuggling in alcohol past the security seem aimed at the men in your group. Now come Tampon Flasks.

Ladies, you know that tampons are like kryptonite to men. They won’t even add them to the basket at the super market without pitching a fit or finding an excuse to not have to stop. The same thing goes for those security guards peering into your purse or clutch as you enter the venue. You pop open your bag and the security guard sees a few tampon wrappers in plain sight, they will wave you through faster than Matthew McConaughey loses his shirt.

These tampon flasks resemble test tubes with a resealable, leak proof cap. These “booze tubes” fit one shot of your choice. Once you have filled the tube, cap it off and place it in the tampon wrapper sleeve. Peel the adhesive strip and seal the wrapper around your booze tube. Then place them in your purse and watch the security guards face grimace with disgust as he opens it up and finds out what is inside.

Tampon Flasks come in a package of five (5) reusable tubes and five (5) tampon wrappers.

Weight.25 lbs
Dimensions8 × 4 × 1 in