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Having a keg at a tailgate party is awesome. Having a keg at a college party is even better. Let’s face it, having a keg anywhere is really awesome. The problem with a keg is they can be so hard to keep cold which sometimes makes the entire process more trouble than it is worth. Getting a tub or a trash can and filling it with ice is not only a pain in the ass but can be expensive. If only there way a way to wrap your keg in an insulating blanket that keeps the heat out and the cold in. Now there is… Introducing The Kegster. And now the Kegster comes in the Tailgating Ideas brand.

Tailgating Ideas Kegster wrap

What is The Kegster?

The first and only, full-branded keg insulating device. Perfect for any get-together, The Kegster keeps beer cold until the kegs run dry and looks damn good doing it. Ice is like a one-night stand… it has a short lifespan and things get messy in a hurry. Tubs are like mom’s old minivan, fat, unsightly and bring nothing to the party. BUT, these are things of the past. Ditch these outdated tools and be a part of the revolution… the Kegster revolution.

Why is The Kegster Better?
Tailgating ideas KegsterMaterial: The Kegster is made of industrial-grade rubber foam. In short, the foam was made specifically to insulate. Applications include industrial piping, HVAC… you get the picture. Most keg insulators are made of neoprene foam, which is great… if you are going surfing. But you’re keg isn’t going surfing. Your keg is trying to serve you some ice cold brews. So choose the device that is going to actually work. There is a lot of scientific jargon and math behind the Kegster’s choice of material, but it boils down to a basic premise: The Kegster keeps your beer colder for longer. Period.

Design: The Kegster’s three piece design efficiently repels the heat and maintains the crisp, clean taste of your beer. By focusing on the key points of heat transfer, the Kegster is able to effectively protect your beer. Top, bottom and sides… the Kegster has got you covered (literally).

Easy to Use: There is no ice. There is no tub. No more lifting a 150lb keg to get it into a tub of ice. It takes one person 30 seconds to suit up a keg with The Kegster. And clean-up is a cinch. No icy mess, no water seeping all over the floor… just pull off The Kegster, throw the shell in the truck and have your designated driver head back to the liquor store to bring back rounds two, three or even four

Branding: Two words… BAD ASS. The Kegster is functional, sure but it also looks bad ass. We have a multitude of designs to choose from including traditional wraps or collegiate themed. The keg no longer has to be an aluminum eyesore at your party. It can now be the theme of your party. And these things are chick magnets.

Benefits of the Kegster include:

  • Manufactured from industrial-grade rubber foam made specifically for heavy-duty insulating applications
  • Handles even the most extreme temperatures
  • Outperformed neoprene competitors by 80% in tests
  • No more ice needed reducing cost and setup time
  • No more messy cleanups or wet floors
  • Saves time, money and headaches
  • Fully-branded exterior
  • Multiple designs with more in the works
  • The keg is no longer an eyesore, it is the center of your party

Now that you are convinced you need to get a Kegster for your next keg party, you are probably asking, “how much do they cost?”. The Kegster costs $79.99. That’s it. Normally we would charge shipping but because we want everyone to know about the Tailgating Ideas brand, we are willing to swallow the shipping charges. Ship to USA


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