Tanksetter on a propane tankRocking and rolling at a tailgate party is to be expected. Rocking and rolling of your propane tank is not so great. In honesty, it is really dangerous to have your propane tank tip over and roll around in your car. So until all the propane tank manufacturers get together and make a tank that does not tip easily, there is The Tanksetter. Simply put, the Tanksetter is the safest and easiest way to transport a propane cylinder to a tailgate party.

As you can see from the photos, the Tanksetter is a durable, high-density polypropylene base that attaches to standard 5 – to 40-lb. propane tanks. The Tanksetter easily attaches to your propane tank with threaded fasteners making it virtually impossible for the tank to tip over. How many times have you been driving to the tailgate only to turn sharply or hit the brakes and hear the crashing and banging of your propane tank against something in the back of your truck or SUV? Those days are gone once you get a Tanksetter.

When I first received my Tanksetter, naturally I put it to the test. I placed it on three different types of propane tanks; one full, one half-full and one empty. I placed the different tanks in the back of my SUV with no other gear around it.(I wanted to make sure there would be nothing to keep the tank propped up, thus ruining the experiment.) I drove around my neighborhood three times with the three different tanks. I wasn’t speeding or intentionally taking serious sharp corners but I was making an effort to see if the tank would tip. The Tanksetter passed with flying colors with all three tanks. I was especially surprised at how well it performed with the empty tank. Those tanks tend to tip over and roll around with the slightest movement. It never fails that the empty tanks tip before I am even done backing out of my driveway. The Tanksetter held all three propane tanks upright and more importantly, safe.

Tanksetter propane bottle safety base

Outside of the annoyance factor of having a propane tank rolling around in the back of your tailgating vehicle, safety is the main reason why any tailgater will need to get one of these. Propane Cylinders are designed to stay upright and tipping them over can damage the safety valve system. The safety valve releases propane vapor if the pressure inside the tank exceeds safe limits. This could happen if the tank is left in direct sunlight or a closed vehicle. A propane cylinder on its side will still vent if necessary but it will release liquid propane gas which is much more dangerous.

Besides the safety factor, the Tanksetter keeps the base of your propane cylinder from contacting your truck bed or the back of your SUV. So if you received a tank from the propane exchange that is a little rusty on the bottom, you won’t have rust marks in your car. Lastly, another benefit to tailgaters is the Tanksetter gives your propane tank more stability when it is in use. People playing catch in the tailgating parking lot are not always the best at paying attention. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen someone accidentally knock over a propane tank when focused on making the catch. The Tanksetter will widen the base of the tank making it extremely difficult for someone to kick it over.

I have a Tanksetter of my own and the highest recommendation I can give is that it is now a permanent fixture in my tailgating gear stash. Honestly, I wish I would have discovered the Tanksetter years ago. It would have saved me a lot of headache, worry and hassle when transporting my propane tanks. Because I believe this is such an invaluable and more importantly, increases tailgaters’ safety, we are offering The Tanksetter for sale directly from Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com.

The Tanksetter costs $19.95 plus $7 flat rate shipping. Buy two Tanksetters and we’ll pick up the shipping costs. Get the Tanksetter and you’ll never have to worry about your propane tanks tipping over again.

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