FiAir Animated charcoalMost tailgaters and grillers would agree the taste of food cooked on a charcoal grill tastes better than propane. But when it comes to grilling in the parking lot before a game, most tailgaters choose propane grilling because it is faster and more convenient. It has been the long waiting time to get charcoal ready that cuts into your tailgating time that tends to push tailgaters towards gas grilling.

Introducing the FiAir. FiAir is a handheld blower that essentially turns your charcoal grill into a blast furnace. Fires need oxygen to burn and the more oxygen the faster and hotter a fire will ignite. We all remember that the three ingredients for fire are Fuel, Oxygen (Air), and Ignition. Just like a clean air filter in your car, the introduction of more air and thus more oxygen will lead to a hotter more intense fire. The concept of adding more air to a fire is not new. The earliest examples of this can be found way back in the ancient world, when ancient blacksmiths would stoke their fire with bellows made of leather to allow them to forge their ancient tongs and spatulas. All kidding aside, the FiAir works in much the same way, it uses a battery powered fan to direct a stream of air into a fire. Take a look at this video to see the FiAir at work.


The FiAir is incredibly simple to operate. Load 3 AAA batteries into the end, lock on the cap, and press the button. What you get is a nice, steady stream of air. Not to mention that the nozzle is designed to direct the air where you want it. From there you aim it at the fire and you get a hotter burn. No more putting your face in the fire and hyperventilating by blowing on the coals to give the fire more oxygen.

FiAir Side view

How else might the FiAir benefit your grilling? For starters, you can raise the heat of your grill pretty easily, and quite quickly. But it’s more than that. Using the FiAir on lit coals you can achieve a very complete combustion of the charcoal, even getting some bluish flame from it. Complete combustion is a crucial element when talking about charcoal grilled foods. Off flavors can be associated with coals that are not burning well. This increase in heat would be perfect for searing applications when you need a raging hot fire to get a nice brown crust, such as steaks or burgers.

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