Ladder Toss


  • Premium Ladder Toss set made with high quality PVC
  • Bolos made with real golf balls for more accurate tosses
  • Sets up in minutes for hours of fun
  • Perfect for tailgating, backyard fun, the beach or in the park

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GoPong Ladder Toss complete set

This tailgating game has many different names. Ladder Toss, Ladder Ball, Ladder Golf, Blongo Ball, Hillbilly Golf and even others like Monkey Ball, Testicle Toss, Ghetto Golf, Dog Balls, Lasso Golf, Dangle Ball, Sling Nuts and many others. No matter what your preference to the name you call it, Ladder Toss while out in the tailgating parking lots or just in your backyard is a fun game.

GoPong, makers of beer pong tables and cornhole sets have brought another tailgating favorite to their arsenal of games they now manufacture and offer. Much like their other tailgating games, the GoPong Ladder Toss set is high quality at an affordable price.

GoPong Ladder Toss PVC Comparison

The one main aspect of the GoPong Ladder Toss that sets it apart is the higher quality pipe they use. Most reasonably priced Ladder Toss sets use a 1 mm pipe while the GoPong Ladder Toss uses the 2.5 mm PVC pipe. This thicker pipe makes the game more sturdy and less likely to tip over during game play. Also, the thicker pipe makes the set less prone to breaking or shattering when taking the pieces apart and packing them away.

GoPong Ladder Toss Bolos

Another great feature of the GoPong Ladder Toss are the bolos themselves. Some cheaper made sets use foam golf balls on the ends of the ropes. Unfortunately those types of bolos do not do well in a tailgating parking lot because they tend to break apart if the make contact with asphalt or cement. They also do not bounce very well. GoPong uses real golf balls for the ends of their bolos giving them more weight for distance throws and allowing for better bouncing.

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions36 × 10 × 10 in