Portable Stump Game


Play any hammer and nail game on this Portable Stump Game

  • 100% Hand Crafted In The USA
  • Holds 9+ Lbs of Nails
  • Heavy Duty Handle
  • Weather Resistant Finish
  • Play on any flat surface

Ships via USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail box.

Out of stock


With a built in handle this portable Stump Game is ready to hit the road and is at home at any tailgate, backyard BBQ, wedding reception, the beach, etc. Each Stump Game comes with an 11″ x 4.5″ inch Stump and a copy of The Stump Crafters Guide book.

Bring your own hammer and nails and play this awesome new game called stump that is gaining in popularity.

Check out our video demo and review of the portable stump from Stump Crafters:

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